Way to go Dad!

[[image:230200.jpg::right:0]]Last night my father, Jack Lind, won the 600th game of his career as a minor league manager. He’s been in professional baseball ever since he left Arizona State University early when he was drafted by the Houston Astros. He spent a majority of his years in baseball in the minor leagues, both as a player and a manager. I’m really proud of my Dad. His passion for teaching young players how to care about the game and how to be great teammates is something I try to take with me in the experience of my own life. Good going Dad!



7 thoughts on “Way to go Dad!

  1. Mets uni there is see. Still in the Mets organization? Our hometown team in Kingsport Tennessee is the Mets Rookie league team. He ever coached down this way?

    It’s funny, I just posted an ‘End of the Innoncence’ post at my site concerning former Met Doc Gooden when I saw he was having trouble again…

  2. I think that is a great tribute, my son is now playing for your dad and I was doing a search to find out about him. Hope they have many more wins!!

  3. We bought him a bottle of wine for the win šŸ™‚ Red, of course. We did our best to take care of him in Binghamton. Ask the Skipper about his birthday cake from Stacy and Tara and you’ll get a smile. Who am I kidding, just say Stacy and Tara and he’ll smile.

    We had the privilege of having season tickets right by third base and thus made it our duty to crack through the game face every now and then. It was our duty as well to cheer loudly every time a Jimmy Eat World song was played. Jack told me to pop on here and say hello. I listen to Jack.

    We had to say good-bye to him yesterday (the boys won), so now it’s your turn to take care of him for us šŸ™‚

  4. I am the Stacy that Tara was referring to and I greatly enjoyed this season at NYSEG Stadium. It was by far the best one ever! Jack rocks hard core and he says that we can be your back up singers any day since we got lots of practice singing Jimmy Eat World this season. Tara and I sat at third base so we got to see Jack up close almost every day and he blessed us with his wiggle often, even though he won’t admit it. Tell Jack I miss him almost as much as I miss Jeff :,-( Have a great concert tonight!! šŸ™‚

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