Interview with Rob Bell

I was in Chicago last night and had the chance to hang out with Rob, his wife Kristen, and their friends Tom and Brenda Rinks (Tom is the head of Flannel, the non-profit media company that is responsible for the Nooma films that Rob is featured on). We had a great time hanging out and catching up on what’s going on. I sat down with Rob for a half-hour interview to discuss his newly released first book, Velvet Elvis. We also talked about his history and how it’s led to where he is today, the founding pastor of Mars Hill, in Grand Rapids, MI. Please forgive me regarding the audio. It’s not the greatest quality but it was all I could come up with at the time. Click here to listen to the mp3 of our discussion.

A big “thanks” to John Chandler at Some Strange Ideas for hosting the interview on Quikblogs.


13 thoughts on “Interview with Rob Bell

  1. Zach,

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I loved your interview with Rob Bell. Very cool, and insightful. And I thought the format was great.

    I am from Phoenix (Glendale), AZ, and I saw you guys play a few times…once at a great show at…to be honest..I can’t even remember the name of the club…probably isn’t around anymore, even. Some house of blues, sort of type of club.

    So anyways…loved the interview. I even posted a little blog entry tonight asking what David Crowder, Rob Bell, and Jimmy Eat World have in common.

    If you are ever in Los Angeles, I would love to interview you sometime as well, or have you share with my college group that I am the pastor of.

    thanks for your music, and for the interview

  2. Just listened to the interview. There were some great insights. I especially enjoyed the book outline on the markerboard description. Just found it funny as a writer myself. Whatever works I guess. Also enjoyed the shout-out he gave for my pastor Tim Keel. I’ve heard the ‘Glory = Weight’ lesson before so I could relate. It’s a great sermon.

  3. zach,

    hey man, thanks for posting the interview! we just got a bunch of copies of velvet elvis in at work, and decided to pick one up last week. so far it’s really insightful and amazing…kinda like nooma…the print edition have you read it yet?

    anyways, thanks for the link and good luck with the tour! bless.


  4. I thought your interview was sweet. I’m married to John Brewster and a friend of Gracie’s. We live in Chicago and think you’re neat. Maybe, if you have time, when you are here in November we can have coffee/icecream/drinks or something, and be friends. 🙂

  5. Loved your interview! So many great questions most people never think to ask. Listned to it several times in that spot, but couldn’t catch the title of the book Rob had recommended to you about contemplative prayer…can you please help?

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