The Stones Strip Down

How great is this anecdote?

“When Mick Jagger had qualms about recording a new Rolling Stones album at his house in France, Keith Richards had a simple retort. “I said to Mick, ‘Listen, once upon a time, we cut a record in the South of France in my house, and it’s called “Exile on Main Street,” and now it’s your turn’,”–

I guess there will be a new album September 6th. If it in any way approaches “Exile on Main Street”, the world will be a better place this fall.


One thought on “The Stones Strip Down

  1. Zach, I’ve been reading your blog for some time. Finally decided to drop in and say how much I get out of reading your entries. I grew up in a traditional Independent Baptist home and I am, at the age of 20, realizing some of the downfalls of the modern church. Reading your blog, among others, has opened my eyes to new perspectives.

    PS…thanks for the dates in my neck of the woods (Kansas City). I will be there for both.

    In Christ,

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