Elvis and My Beard


Right now I am in Kristiansand, Norway enjoying some of the midnight sun. The amount of daylight we get up here is very disorienting. Anyway, the highlight of the week was definitely seeing Elvis Costello live for the first time ever. He is truly amazing and his back up band, The Imposters, aren’t too shabby either. I saw him at a festival we played in Belgium. His dressing room was right next to ours and it was pretty amazing to be so close to a walking legend. His new album, The Delivery Man, that he did with the Imposters is really great. There is a song on there called Country Darkness that has an incredible vocal performance. Audio gold. He played that song and it was humbling to say the least.

And, as you can see, my beard is getting out of hand. I didn’t bring a razor on this trip so I’m gonna have to figure something out before I go home. But it’s kinda fun to work on my viking look while I’m in Scandanavia. So far we’ve been to England, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and now Norway. It’s been a great trip but I’m really excited to get back to AZ in a few days. That’s it for now. Peace.


2 thoughts on “Elvis and My Beard

  1. Dude, no self-deserving punk rocker would let his hair grown that long… I mean, just look at Elvis!

    Ha ha ha! Just kidding.

    I saw Elvis with Burt Bacharach many years ago — not quite as rocking as The Imposters, but still very fun.

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