Get Behind Me Coldplay


I’ve read and heard about many people’s excitement regarding the new Coldplay album “X & Y”. Although the album is a decent effort, I highly suggest that it isn’t even the most inspiring album released this week. The new Whites Stripes album “Get Behind Me Satan” is something that I feel is truly special and deserves much praise for it’s ability to open up the perception of what this duo is capable of. So, not to diss Coldplay, cause that was not the intent of this post (I remain a fan), but do yourself a favor and check out Get Behind Me Satan. At the very least, you won’t fall asleep listening to it and I don’t know if I can say that about “X & Y”.


11 thoughts on “Get Behind Me Coldplay

  1. i downloaded the coldplay album yesterday… so far, its ok.. it didnt hit me like the other two did when i listened to them…im going to see them in nashville, i saw radiohead in west palm a year ago (an amazing show). Ive never particularly liked White Stripes so maybe this will be my entrance into their little music world.

    i appreciate the blog brother. God bless!

  2. Wow. Thats a strong statement. The White Stripes new album better than Coldplays. Im going to have to sit on that one for a while. I want to disagree so badly but I have not heard any of the new Stripes. We will see. Until then you are safe from my judgement…..but not very safe.

  3. I’ve been listening to TWS’ album for a couple of weeks straight now. I can’t get enough of it… Truly inspiring in more ways than one.

    I haven’t heard all of the new CP yet, but I am a fan, so I’m sure I will soon — I think my wife is going to get it from iTunes.

    I would never think to compare the two, though, as they are stylistically diametric. But, in my opinion, I don’t think many could ever have the raw sense of emotion and integrity that TWS have.

  4. I feel ya. The new Coldplay is good, but the new White Stripes is amazing. Its just a bit more rock and roll, and a but more real. However, i will say that “Fix You” on “X&Y” is an amazing song.

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