Beautiful Weekend

[[image:IMG_6120.jpg::right:0]]We just got back from Greer, AZ. We spent Thurs.-Sat. taking it easy and breathing in some serious fresh air in the White Mountains of Arizona. Greer is indeed a magical place that we love to go and just do nothing, hang out with friends, enjoy what is one of the most beautiful areas in the state. Thanks to the VanSlyke’s for a great time. I posted a bunch of photos from the weekend here. Check out what it looks like when temperatures don’t reach higher than 78 in the Arizona Summer.



5 thoughts on “Beautiful Weekend

  1. I love the white mountains…the place in Arizona I still miss the most is lake powell though…I think everyone has their personal ‘recharging’ place, that is it for me.

  2. well zach, i watched the pictures in greer and it seems to me that it be worth to visit this area of arizona….good pix…the other guy in the pix…is this your brother?


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