Portable Crowding

[[image:IMG_6103.jpg::center:0]]My portable life is getting very crowded at the moment. I admit, this picture is one of excess and also exposes how big of a geek i am. the psp, the delphi portable xm player, and the G4 laptop were all gifts, but everything else is money i’d otherwise give to uncle sam. that’s one of the biggest upsides to being an “entertainer” is because most of the cool stuff i buy like tv’s, ipods, cds, dvds, etc…..they are all write offs. if i’d have to chose where i send some money too, i’d rather send it to steve jobs than george w. and his war on a noun.

the ipod on the right was lost, but now is found (amazing grace!!). the sidekick kicks more ass than batman’s robin. i’ve had the psp for about a week now and it’s very impressive. i can put photos, music, and home videos on it. i can’t wait for someone to ask me if i have picture of ava, and see their face when i whip out the psp in all it’s home movie glory. the games on it are fantastic as well. the baseball and soccer games are ace. and of course, last but not least, the g4 laptop that is my home away from home. (not pictured is my canon digi cam because i needed it to take the picture).

it will be interesting to see where technology takes us as we move forward in this age that is becoming more and more portable as it moves ahead. it will also be interesting to see how these kinds of devices will contribute to human evolution. my guess is that people will become better typers at an earlier age, people will take on more and more work…as much as technology allows. humans will most likely become fatter but they will have stronger and more agile thumbs from all the text messaging.

anyone else have any thoughts as to how we are changing as a human race? hit me.


5 thoughts on “Portable Crowding

  1. I just took a road trip from Seattle to Austin, and had a box of technological gadgets that I did not have a year and a half ago. iBook, iBook charger, iPod, iPod charger, camera, camera cords, cell phone, ear phones, iPod adapter for the car.

    As I walked in and out of hotels, I felt pretty silly, the amount of gadgets I now have and the price it all adds up to.

  2. I agree with Leonard Sweet that at some point technology and humanity will converge, and some of the things we use technologically that are of an external use, will eventually become an internal use. For example, just recently someone patented the idea of video games sent directly to the brain.

  3. I am a bit of a techno-geek myself, but nothing gets on my nerves more than seeing some one use it to isolate themselves from others.

    On a recent family trip, I remember looking over to my brother as he was listening to his ipod and thinking…wow, he would rather listen to that than carry on a conversation.

    I think as time goes on people will find it easier to communicate with out ever meeting, but lose the ability to carry on in-person conversations. We will become increasingly dependant on being ‘entertained’ at all times (put on that dvd to drive the kids 3 miles down the street). We will also lose many opportunities to grow as people by meeting others who are unlike us, because it will be so easy to always converse with those who agree with us, and very easy to cast away those who do not.

    I also predict I will continually have my a$$ handed to me in Halo 2 by kids a 1/4 my age. 🙂

  4. That’s crazy, I have the sam “Love Wins” sticker on my laptop!! I hear you on the “early typing” thing too. I am an absolute RETARD when you put a peice of paper on front of me and a pencil in my hand, but I can type like a motherf*#?er!!!

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