Prisoners of War

If you aren’t familiar with the New York Times Op-Ed writer Thomas Friedman, you should be. I first came to know Friedman from an article in Rolling Stone and I was so impressed I went and got most of his books and now I’m a regular reader of his columns in the Times. He is very in tune with the foreign affairs of the United States, especially when it comes to the arab world. He wrote a great column today about the Guantanamo Prisoner of War base that is currently being operated by our government. Check it out here. You may have to register for the nyt online, but it’s free of charge.

Friedman is not opposed to the war on terror and he was actually not opposed to the Iraq war (which i disagreed with him on) but he wants our efforts in the war on terror to be done right. It’s amazing how we’ve held these prisoners captive with no formal charges and due process. not only that, but over 100 prisoners have died in the custody of our military prisons. that seems uncomfortably high to me. my question is how could our president, who claims to be a follower of Jesus allow these types of things to happen. why is he so concerned about the “culture of life” but only when it comes to embryos? what about the culture of life for wrongly accused arabs who are being tortured and beaten regularly. what about the culture of life for the over 100 thousand Iraqi civilians who’ve lost their lives so we can “spread freedom”. I really don’t get it. I have given up understanding this president and his “faith”. He makes the effort to speak out so many issues like gay marriage, sanctity of marriage, culture of life, but only in certain circumstances. A grown woman who raped a 13 year old boy now has married her victim and the president has said nothing. the schaivo case where the decision of of a husband, who has complete medical power of attorney, to take his wife off of a breathing machine after years of suffering was being contested by the white house. so if marriage is sacred, then why the need for the white house to but in?

why aren’t more Christians taking notice of this. Why do we allow our President to have such horrible theology when it comes to his policies and decision making?


3 thoughts on “Prisoners of War

  1. “Why do we allow our President to have such horrible theology when it comes to his policies and decision making?” – I am beginning to believe it is that many followers of Jesus are afraid of the implications of thinking differently, especially when the political rhetoric is couched in theological terms. They prefer to living with the perception that, because George Bush has “God on his side”, he will make them prosperous and keep them safe from “them”. It is a false notion, but to believe otherwise means to think differently than everyone else, something they are as afraid of, if not more afraid of, than a terrorist attack.

  2. that’s horrible, horrible stuff man. people like our president and many, many “christians” who say they are followers of Jesus then act far from Christ-like, are the reason i quit calling myself a christian. i’m still a follower, but i’m not a “christian” anymore.

  3. I think that more Christians are taking note. The hard part is the American ethos…if we just wait 3 more years it will all be over. We have a proud history, and I don’t think I mean ‘proud’ in a terrific sense, but one that keeps us intentionally blind to our mistakes. We are on the wrong side of History on this one and history will have the last say. It’s disappointing that the church isn’t having the first say, but until we empower new Christian leaders, i.e. “followers,” to bring light into this darkness, we’re a bit stuck I’m afraid.

    I guess the good news is that Jesus is still God and has always used our misteps to create a new dance that brings glory to the Father. So, let the musicians play! Jesus is bout to get his groove on.

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