Civilization Approaches

our house is kind of in the “sticks” of the phoenix area. let’s just say the horse riding by on the sidewalk is a pretty common occurrence. so we don’t have a whole lot of development around here. don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. it’s quiet and sparse which is good, but the drives to get anywhere of interest are kinda of a bummer. with that said, recently there has been a little “relief”. most notably there is a new barnes and noble that just opened up less than 5 minutes away. right around the barnes and noble is a new starbucks, jamba juice, b of a, super target, fatburger, eb games, etc. i realized proclaiming excitement for this makes this probably the lamest post ever on, but when you reside in the middle of nowhere, this is big news.


7 thoughts on “Civilization Approaches

  1. Zach- I live near that same area and can appreciate your feelings. It’s nice to be able to go to some semblance of a mall without having to plan for 40-50 minutes of round-trip drive time. Though, I don’t know that having fatburger, chipotle and panda express in the same complex is good for my waistline…

  2. suburbs are the fucking worst. i feel weird when i get excited about a new store thats opening near me.*

    *exception being the new liquor store!

  3. Yeah, lame… After a few city blocks become inhabited with the latest strip plaza (or promenade, or commons, or whetever), soon ends that “quiet and sparse” oasis that you are living in. Convenience is nice, but having your own expanse is even nicer (next time you’re in Southern CA, drive through my hometown, Thousand Oaks, to see what I’m talking about).

  4. right, but only in the suburbs can you aquire your own personal “expanse”. we just bought an acre of land that’s even farther away from town then where we live now, but at a reasonable price. an acre of land in prime, “in the city” real estate is a little less do-able. the suburbs has it’s ups and downs, but so does the city. i think eventually we will wear out on this style of living and adopt a more “in the city” approach later on in life, but for now it works out fine. i’m just stoked i don’t have to drive 20 minutes to get to some places i like, especially a bookstore with a decent selection.

  5. Yes … I met a friend for coffee at that complex last week, and was most pleasently suprised at the selection so close to home. I do prefer the Power & Ray development though, even thought that’s farther. They have a very cozy little Starbucks next to a Cold Stone and Panda. But the question — the main question here Zach — is does all this new development close to home trump the Thrifty Ice Cream counter at the Water & Ice? Seriously here.

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