Home in 2 Hours

I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport right now waiting to get on a plane
that will take me HOME. I think its been over a month actually so it
couldn’t have come at a better time. The only bummer is that I’m still
feeling pretty crappy, but hopefully that will pass by the morning. So
in probably about two hours I will crawl into my own bed.
Ahhhh……simple pleasures are pretty fantastic.
We are playing with Billy Idol in Tucson the day after tomorrow and I’m
trying to decide if I should let my daughter Ava experience the “rock”.
I think I know what my decisoin is but I’m willing to take some
suggestions. Anyone?


6 thoughts on “Home in 2 Hours

  1. How could you deny Ava the opportunity to see White Wedding and Rebel Yell live? Come on, Zach! This is a rock-n-roll icon we’re talking about – not to mention a big screen star. “Wedding Singer” would forever have a place in her heart.

  2. Zach, or should I say Mr. Lind, my recommendation to you about taking the daughter to the show would be to use your best judgement as you know how loud it is going to be and also depending on what time the show is will affect the good time your daughter has or does not have. My oldest guy is 7 and I had tickets to see you guys play at Cornell (I am from Binghamton – already been to one Mets game, hope your Dad is enjoying our fair town)and I almost brought my little man to the show but am glad I did not as the late night excursion (arrived home at 2am) would have affected him for days to come. As much as I find myself wanting to share things with my kids I also factor in whether or not I am going to be able to enjoy myself in addition to parenting during the whole thing. By the way you guys were incredible. Liked the lack of lights and micro phone tossing tricks. I am 33 and having my mid life crisis early so I have recently started to play the drums so if you can recommend any leanring tools (DVDs or books) I would appreciate it.

  3. I’m all for letting her see the Idol… Years down the road it will be one of those “I did that” stories for her, you know?

    (And I’m still angry that my dad decided I shouldn’t go see Rush when I was in the 5th grade.)

  4. I went and saw Jim Wallace speak tonight in Detroit. He blew me away. I had never read anything by him, but I picked up his book “God’s Politics: Why the right have it wrong and the left just don’t get it.” That man really has a heart for Jesus’s people.

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