Spam Sucks

i just got hit with my first “spam” attack on this blog. i think if you are involved in the creation and distribution of spam in any way, you are gonna go to hell and burn. this may be bad theology but at the moment, i’m fine with being wrong.



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6 thoughts on “Spam Sucks

  1. At least they don’t think you need “a few more inches.” You get poker ads, they attack my manhood. Spammers are not only inconsiderate, but mean.

  2. You’re still lucky JJ. They totally disregard my manhood and once inquired about my breast size. Personally, I think they’re big enough.

  3. Not to speak against your choice of blog hosting, but I and most of my friends who are serious about blogging use Moveable Type 3.1x. There is a plugin available called MT-Blacklist which is basically an organic spam blocker that updates and expands itself. It’s quite nifty. I swear by MT, the only thing I covet is that accursed thing that xanga has that shows: “Now Playing” “Now Reading” etc. with links. That is nifty fo sho.

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