Bullet Trains and Beer


Here are two of the many reasons why Japan is so awesome. Check out as the bullet trains pass each other. You can practically hear a pin drop. Also, has anyone esle had a beer served to them in such a kick ass manner? I’d love to hear about it. (and no, getting a beer served to you by a woman in tight orange shorts and a white tank top isn’t as cool.)

3 thoughts on “Bullet Trains and Beer

  1. Okay, from reading the title, I definitely assumed that the beer was served ON bullet trains, like a little model train that went around to the tables. As cool as little oars are, that would be amazing.

  2. Hey Zach… I met you last night for a couple minutes after the show. I really dug the TV’s that was a cool effect. Anyways… Super tired and going to get Chinese food for some energy to finish my homework… Just thought I would drop you a link to my blog:


    Catch you later,

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