Pomomusings Solidarity Post

I love not going to seminary and playing in a rock band. I can’t wait for all the other rock band people to start calling me out on how little I’ve been partying lately. Hang in there Adam. If you get black balled from the right wing christian establishment, you can always pastor the lost souls like myself.


21 thoughts on “Pomomusings Solidarity Post

  1. i just set the camera at a slow shutter speed and while i took the picture i just slowly spun the camera counter clockwise. if you have a canon, then “night time” mode is pretty much a slow shudder speed, and you’ll get this effect.

  2. zach, thanks for showing adam some love. awesome. (and the work you did on illuminate made me so very happy.)

    are you doing the robot factory this weekend?

  3. I was just looking at the picture again. Flintstone vitamins…Ha! I love it. Does it get more classic rock-n-roll than that? Yabba-dabba-freakin’-doo people.

  4. well, i needed a quick fix and all the dude around the corner from my house had left was the flinstones vitamin c. i gotta say, they do the trick….i’m trippin’ pretty hard.

  5. bro…AMAZING. i’m feeling the solidarity hardcore…although, your picture was 1000x better than mine. how did you get the effect? or wait, is that just a radial blur…whatever it is, picture looks great – and the solidarity was a beautiful thing!

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