I really want to like George W. Bush……..

….but this story makes it really hard. I know I am supposed to “love” George Bush, but right now I really don’t want to. God forgive me. As Americans, we are a pretty intelligent nation, but are we really more intelligent than these 6 other countries who actually want to go above and beyond to help these poor global neighbors of ours? I guess I’m not proud, but merely a plain ol’ American. I’m actually more proud to be a citizen of a nation who has an ally with a leader that seems to have read the Gospel and is ACTUALLY TRYING TO APPLY IT. Go Tony B.!!!


5 thoughts on “I really want to like George W. Bush……..

  1. i just read a comment someone sent to the bbc from america – ‘i’m not willing to give up my daily starbucks and 3 family cars for world peace’… sigh. we’ve got so far to go.

  2. Bono wrote the forward to They’ve Hi-jacked God, a stinging critique of the modern Church by Irish Christian writer Adam Harbinson. In his endorsement of the book, Bono writes, “Adam Harbinson takes on the Church as mausoleum for the ‘dead’ Christ and the Church as handcuffs and fire brigade for the risen Christ-it’s an interesting subject.”

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