A Vote in the Dark


The Iraq elections have been in my mind lately. I really have been praying that they would go well and would create a real democratic momentum there. It was music to my ears as I listened to the news reports that things went relatively well. I guess more than sixty percent registered to vote casted their votes. The courage of those who voted will hopefully be a blessing to Iraq. I was not in favor of this war and felt it was a grave mistake on the part of the Bush administration, so I can only hope this election is a positive action born from a negative one. This photo really struck me as a very powerful image. It signifies the decision of many rather than a decision of one, even when the lights go out. It’s a beautiful image that we can hopefully look back on as a symbol of social progress and peacefulness for the Iraqi people. If the power went out or there was fear for our personal safety in any part of the United States on election day, we’d be lucky to get 20% out to vote.


2 thoughts on “A Vote in the Dark

  1. I agree completely. A lot of people I know were hoping that things wouldn’t go well, just as a slap in the face to Bush, but I agree with you that even if the means were wrong, this was a very positive thing.

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