Restoration in the Lind garage.

[[image:letsplay.jpg::right:0]]So I have a foosball table in my garage and I’ve neglected and abused over the last 3 years or so. It’s been sitting in our garage, collecting dust and unplayed for a LONG time. My bug man always hits me up to buy it off me. I’m sure he thinks I’m lame for just leaving it the corner of the garage, alone, neglected, without care. I guess I don’t blame him but I’m more lazy than guilty by nature. I don’t know what it was, but today I was motivated to finally bring it back to life. First the hose, then the wet rag and can’t forget the WD-40. After about 45 minutes of, it was as good as new. Here is a before and after of the full restoration.

Now that my garage is on it’s way to be the ultimate dude hang out, maybe we can have the first East Valley “cohort”. Much like the folks at Princeston but instead of talking about emerging, we’ll kick each others asses at foosball. Instead of pints of import beer, we’ll drink some Bud. And instead of the cigars, we’ll just suck down some Camels. Who’s in?

40 thoughts on “Restoration in the Lind garage.

  1. No, it’s not I don’t believe. But I’m sure you could russle up Dave, Krys, and Tim out of the woodwork. Maybe this cohort would be enough to convince John not to leave town!

  2. nah, john has already sold out to the nice green trees and rainy days. him and dean will just have to have their “two dudes” hang out without us. 😉

  3. yeah david, we can actually hang out. i owe you some $$ anyway, so let’s set it up. 4 is a good number. what night this week is good for you all?

  4. Haha–Via phone, Tim Trainor expressed an interest to me–but his internet is down and he’s working–may I cast his absentee ballot for “in” for him?

  5. in my excitement over the restoration, i forgot that I have a job that frequently takes me out of town. I will have to miss this thursday since i will be in san diego. very bummed. I will throw in a little trash. Who knows if it’s really going to happen anyway because you all are so dumb that you blink and you get lost.

  6. ok jj. on thursday the rest of the cohort will decide a fair punishment for you. it shouldn’t be too bad with it being your first offence and all. you may have to get “jumped in” at the second event.

  7. Ok. Thursday night at 7:00 pm MST. The circle of trust will be limited to 8 dudes. dave, jj, nash, and chandler have dibs. the next 4 to email me are in. after that, tough nuts. you snooze, you lose.

  8. this isn’t up to me. it’s up to you scaredy cats. as soon as you all really contemplate the prospect of seeing me across the table…..all the sudden “something comes up” and “i am gonna be out of town” or “My wife said no”. so whenever you guys can put together a sold group of 7 dudes, we’ll do this.

  9. JJ is a prophet, he foretold this event not happening; and Dave and I’s suspicions of getting no love from Zach have been confirmed. This is a sad day for the East Valley. ::sniffle, tear::

  10. You mean due to lack of you wanting to get whooped up on in foosball!!! Is the trash talk stopping because of this? I was just getting into it.

  11. alas, i will still be here in chicago until the weekend so the plans for an immediate east valley cohort are shattered for certain.

  12. Now your asking us to organize your events for you! So you can work on your online radio station! It wasn’t enough I bought your cd, no…now we’re playing organizer. I’m going to work now and drowning myself in a tub of Frappucino….it’s all your all’s fault! ::Sniffle, Tear::

  13. nobody played the wife card……yet. YOU don’t have to organize, just give me a time that is good so we can put together a decent group for foosball action. so let me know.

  14. 8 hour drive to Zach’s house from sherman oaks to AZ for foosball… i’m thinkin’ no. besides, im still pissed i flew out there for nothing! jerks!

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