Less Talk, More Rock.


Lord Have Mercy. Only on at select times. Any requests?


27 thoughts on “Less Talk, More Rock.

  1. Getting some practice in for the “robot factory” tonight? Or inspired by the current? Or just have too much time on your hands right now? What do we have to request from, anyway?

  2. WAY too much time on my hands. You can choose anything that’s in my iTunes folder. I’m getting my firewire hard drive from our studio tonight so I’ll have more songs to choose from.

  3. how about some new Kreator, At the Gates, Haunted and some Elliott Smith. i know… i’m wierd. oh, and Chris issak off the Forever Blue record. okay, you’re right… dude, Master of Puppets.

  4. sorry, there was an error on my end. it should be fixed. let me know if there are any other glitches like lots of rebuffering or distortion. thanks.

  5. i guess you can’t see what i have, unless i make a master list, but i’m too lazy for that. just request something, if i have it, i’ll put in rotation

  6. it should have been on when you posted. it’s been on all night. let me know if you have trouble or if there are any glitches. thanks.

  7. zach i was curious if you might be able to tell me how you set up the streaming radio? im using an ibook g4 and itunes and all that good stuff as well and i noticed thats what youre on {or something similar}.
    is it easy to set up? im also on a wireless network

  8. i know their old drummer scott played with elliott smith after leaving the band. as far as the other guys, i have no idea what they are up to other than the info matt shared.

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