11 thoughts on “This list scares me!

  1. this list should be retitled to the “most famous” christians rather than “most influential”. i guess in this country, they are one in the same and maybe that’s where the problem starts. or maybe it could be titled “mostly rich white guys who’ve made the most money being “influential christian”.

  2. good to see that mel gibson FINALLY outpaced Billy Graham… and that benny hinn and dr phil are more influential than Rob Bell…
    but i suppose this list is actually fairly accurate – those people all influence the world in which we live – i just wich they were influening it differently.

  3. Phwesh! Your good buddy Joel made it in the top ten. I’ll guess I’ll “choose to be happy” for him. Personally, I think Kirk Cameron got robbed.

  4. aww someone beat me to the punch. i was going to say, aww isnt that cute, they made sure they didnt leave out women.

    the best part about having convictions is never ever changing and following through with them steadfast no matter what comes your way. THATS the christian way.

    fuck this learning and growing and changing shit. thats boring.

    i love me some institutional religion!

  5. on the topic of religious reads…

    I tihnk you might find these books interesting Zach.

    Elaine Pagels – The Gnostic Gospels
    and The Gospel of Thomas.

    she has a few others as well in that link.

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