AZ Crew Alert!!

My band mates and I will be taking over our local radio station “The Edge” 103.9, tonight at 9pm until 10pm. We have an old song with lyrics that say “Take Back The Radio!!!”……but we never actually thought we’d do it. Funny. We’ll probably play lots of stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day on the radio so it could be interesting. For those of you who havn’t been blessed with currently living in the Phoenix area, you can listen online here.


14 thoughts on “AZ Crew Alert!!

  1. awesome.. sadly i’ll be doing my own show on KNAC.Com tonight.. Zack, could i kindly ask you to tape the show for me? i will pay the cost of tape/cd and postage if you could make the time. i’d really appreciate it. P.S. the Ramones sang “we want the airwaves” so its all good…. Play stuff from Static Prevails and Clarity, cause not a lot of people know what a brilliant records they are.

  2. Great moment of the night. Me sitting at my computer with each speaker held up to my ears listening to two Nickelback songs. Very nice. My wife was amused.

  3. i wasnt kidding about the taping… hello? (echo)… is that a “no, sorry bud”? i’d love to get a copy of the show or at least some of the old, pre-static prevails stuff you played. more importantly, static prevails era stuff..

  4. dennis, we didn’t play any of our own stuff other than a new remix. no old stuff. we really aren’t gonna be playing any of our stuff. it’s all just stuff WE like to listen to. they are recording the shows and i’ll send them to you when i get them.

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