This is the raddest website ever. If your Onion subscription runs out, this site will tie you over…..and it’s actually REAL. Genius yet frightening and completely useless. Oh yeah, make sure you also check out the “Are You Rapture Ready?” section. Click on Satan, it’s a much better read.


10 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. did you look at the “defending pre-trib” link? he’s done his homework. he claims to be logical and air tight… i wish i could have him on the show.

  2. hah! donuts in heaven. I can’t believe this guys actually serious. “The Following are Examples of Unnoticed Decay” includes “The increasing number of gay characters appearing in prime time programs” and “Christian networks replacing their gospel programs with infomercials.” Wow. This site is really petty.

  3. Can I tell you how much I hate the “Left Behind” series? More than a lot.

    P.S. Zach, was that your letter posted in the email section? (Third one down.) Nicely worded whoever it was.

  4. no dean, that wasn’t me. i can’t write emails like that when i am in the middle of dying of laughter. it was rather well put, but c’mon. are these people at all interested in having a conversation?

  5. now maybe this explains all of this. this is a quote from the author of the site:

    “Now, I’ve stubbed my toe, touched something hot, and even been electrically shocked before, but none of these events caused me to gnash my teeth in pain.”

    Electric Shock…..that has to explain some of this. maybe he left out the “therapy” part to salvage his credibility.

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