Discouraged Part II

Joel Osteens new book that I referenced in the post below is called “Your Best Life Now”. It includes seven steps to attain your “best life”. The seventh step is really profound:

“Choose to be Happy”

…..and this is on the best seller list? THIS is the direction people need? Wow.


3 thoughts on “Discouraged Part II

  1. I chose to be happy and it really worked… No, it really did!

    Oh, wait… That must have been in “Happy Land” with all of the happy people doing happy things with all of their happy friends and family.

    Yeah, right.

  2. I choose to be … tall. Wait, that didn’t work. I choose to … have hair. Crap. How come this formula isn’t working?

    Choosing to be happy is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Ok, so perhaps it is something we can control a little more than whether we are tall or have hair, but I still have to wonder what the value is of that advice for someone who is more than, say, twelve. Life is hard, man. We need Christians who are willing to put real questions on the table, not offer goofy bull like “choose to be happy”.

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