A Different Perspective


On the way back from New York City our plane flew into Phoenix from the Northeast (obviously). It just so happened that we flew right over the area where I grew up. For those of you who went to Poston/Mountain View and went/go to Central Christian Church, this photo will look pretty familiar. I hadn’t even realized, as I was taking some photos, that I was right above the landscape of my youth. Only later as I was downloading the photos to my computer did it catch my eye. I am not sure why, but it was such a trippy experience looking at the photo. I am able to see on the far right where I grew up as baby all the way through highscool. Also in the photo I see my junior high school, my high school, the church I got married in, the house of my band mate where many songs were written, the house my wife lived in when we dated (still her parents home), barro’s pizza, the park where we would always play tackle football on thanksgiving morning, many old homes of my best friends growing up, the street I rode my bike to and from junior highschool as I listened to “Master of Puppets” a million times, the church I grew up in, the church I go to now, and on and on and on I could go. I’ll spare you……

It’s striking how you can look out through a tiny airplane window and look down upon a physical space of land where so much of your life has taken place. I can look at this photo and truly say that “this is where i come from”. The experiences of my life that have taken place in within the boundries of this photo have really shaped who I am, good and bad, in a big, big way.

[[popup:img_47551.jpg:Click here::1:left]] to see the photo in high resolution. Can anyone see their house?


11 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. sorry dean. i was gonna do an essay on the critical importance of pizza mart to the mesa economy and overall way of life, but i don’t want to bum you out any more than i have already. btw, let me know if you want the original photo for your desktop. 😉

  2. Dude, this was cruel. I already get homesick and seeing that picture and talking about Thrifty ice cream is almost more than a guy can bear.

  3. While your at it, if you could research the ingredients of a Carne Asada Burrito from Filiberto’s I would forever be in your debt. They have nothing of the sort in Seattle.

  4. i can’t prove this, but i think rat droppings and a strand of long brown hair are two of the ingredients. start with the foundation and go from there.

  5. Man, i feel ya on this one zach. It is always so comforting to fly home over my house like that. I have a feeling that the people sitting next to me on the plane always think i am a little dumb for getting so giddy about seeing my neighborhood.

  6. blame it on tim. he took the month off.. he told me to find another blog.
    Anyway, wow… “master of puppets a million times”. that alone, i can relate to. i remember going half and half with this kid mark, my proverbial bad influence as a teenager (we all have that one kid)on that record. we saved a couple days lunch money and he played me the am i evil / whiplash single he had. i was into motley crue like shaq into basketball at the time. i loved heavier bands too but i must admit, i had a thing for hair metal. anyhow, the day it comes out, we walk down to the little record store called Gone Platinum where one of the guys used to wear a ziplock bag on his head. i still dont remember why… anyhow, we bought it. i mostly did it cause if i didnt, mark would think i’m a “p***y” or get mad at me cause without me, he couldnt get it. anyway, he let me borrow it first cause he pretty much wanted me to become a “real metaler”. so, i take it home amid all my motley crue posters. “what IS this??!”. i hated it. i listened to it a few more times. “This is great!!”. i never heard anything like that. still stands as my alltime favorite metal album. the next day, i take $4.00 and some odd change to mark and say “here, i like it too much… go buy your own”. i think he probably didnt hit me only cause i was now a “real metal” fan.

    ask me about the time i went to see Sensefield about 7 years ago and i didnt like the opening band which at the moment was entertaining all of 5 people. only to go home with the demo my buddy bought and love them thus becoming its new owner cause my buddy didnt like the demo. i think you’ve heard of them.

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