Thrifty Ice Cream


Today I took my daughter Ava to get some “Thrifty” ice cream. If you grew up in Arizona (I’m not sure if they existed outside AZ) then you probable at one time went to a Thrifty Store to get some ice cream. Back in the day Thrifty was a sorf of “Walgeen’s” or “Osco Drug” but with an ice cream counter added at the front of the store. The store was never really all that special, but the ice cream was always fantastic. Even though the stores all went under, the Thrifty Ice Cream brand survived and can be found in a few spots around town. This one was at a “Water & Ice” in Gilbert, not to far from our house. I remember vividly the trips we would take with my grandmother to the one on Main and Horne so it was fun to go down memory lane as Ava and I chowed down on ice cream.


Any of you zonies know what i’m talking about? Or am I the only one?


16 thoughts on “Thrifty Ice Cream

  1. Long live Thrifty ice cream. I was always fascinated by the cylindrical ice cream scoopers that simply pressed right into the ice cream. Never seen em like that anywhere else. Getting a triple from Thrifty was a childhood highlight.

  2. Thrifty was a regular for us one night a week during my freshman year of college in California! Wasn’t it like a nickel a scoop or something ridiculous like that?

  3. I forgot about the water & ice thrifty stand–I live by that one too, and went to it a long time ago. That sounds good right now! In California, there was a Thrifty on Main Street in Garden Grove, used to take walks up there and go get the stuff. So good.

  4. freakin chocolate malted crunch.
    gilbert and mcKellips was my thrifty’s
    i’ve always kept a watch on ebay for one of those scoops… 40 bones ain’t worth it, but they remain the dream.

  5. I am right there with you all….I was definatly hittin up Thrifty in Cali. with my g-ma when I was a youngen. Zach way to start Ava off right! And thank you for centering us back on the things that are important in life…..mainly ice cream in cylindrical form.

  6. You don’t have to be a Zonie to know Thrifty!!! They had them just across the border in Nevada and California, too. Recently they were bought out by Rite-Aid, but every single Rite-Aid in California still has a Thrify ice cream counter!

  7. dude, thrifty ice cream still exists??? They are extinct in southern Cali (i grew up with tim samoff by the way). due in large to contributions of thrifty, i was a chunky (if not fat) kid. meaning i probably owe my adult, lean frame in large to there being NO thrifty ice cream. they were bought out by Walgreens and before that… uh, i forget. but i assume the ice cream is the same.

    By the way, never heard that band Hope and Adams, so i gave it a listen at amazon. they are great. thanks. i was looking for some new music. now im going on my lunch break to buy the new Kreator. love the new JEW record by the way.

  8. hey dennis, glad you like hope and adams. actually, hope and adams is the album name, the band’s name is wheat. they are a really great band with awesome songs. good luck finding the thifty in California.

  9. damn! well, no wonder they didnt have it at best buy and tower! the new Kreator is good though. looks like i need to go back… i hate that. thanks, dude.

  10. you guys love thrifty too! thats awesome, thrifty rocks. luckily for me my father owns the exclusive distribution for arizona. i am surrounded by thrifty ice cream all day long since i also work for the company. i get free ice cream anytime. i was surprised to see that someone found a scooper for 40 bucks. we buy them from california at $100.00 and sell them for $100.00. expect a new webpage soon all about thrifty ice cream and other products you find at your local water and ice store. it will also be possible to order the ice cream online once my father and i finsih the web page. thrifty ice cream is found in other places other than water and ice stores. several resturants and other companies sell thrifty ice cream as well.

  11. Hey hello everyone! Thrifty ice cream is alive! I own an Ice Cream Shop in Tijuana Mexico, we are still getting the ice cream from the US. Like back in the day cylinder scoop that is! If you ever come to Tijuana BC, step by in our store and we’ll be glad to serve you a big fat scoop of your favorite flavor! Thrifty Las Ferias 12713 Colonia Hipodromo II CP 22480 Mexico. Email me: Thank you!

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