What Do You Believe is True……

[[image:interrogate150.jpg::left:0]]I was checking out Douglas Rushkoff’s blog and stumbled upon an interesting item. If you don’t know Rushkoff, he’s got some very cool things to say and you’ll find him enjoyable, i think. He sometimes does commentary for NPR and has also narrated an episode of Frontline on PBS. Anyway, he was asked to asnwer a question for Edge.org. The question that was asked: “What do you believe to be true, even though you can’t prove it?” The Edge posed this question to many interesting people considered to have very intelligent minds and substantial influence in all of their areas of expertise. Rushkoff’s answer is here, but if you have some time, many of the entries are worth checking out.


11 thoughts on “What Do You Believe is True……

  1. Interestingly enough, I enjoyed reading the women’s responses much more than the men’s — they seemed much more thoughtful and highly creative. That’s a cool link, Zach. Thanks!

  2. i think i noticed that without realizing it. afterall, being married for any time at all will tell you that women are much more thoughtful and creative. but, i liked the editor and chief of wired magazines answer and he was a dude, as far as i can tell.

  3. Okay, Rushkoff is a total humanist and thinks we believe in “childlike mythology”. Purpose and meaning are a byproduct rather than inherent in design? and you like him… why? he just spit in your face with intellectual saliva after having a relativist dinner.

  4. Einstein didn’t kneel before the cross and accept Christ as his savior, but he had a lot of good things to say as well. We have to be careful that we don’t drown out the words of people that we don’t agree with. We can learn from each other and sometimes that is the very place that Christ uses our influence – when we are listening.

  5. i agree, dean. however, in this instance i challenge you to find the good in those statements. i respect his ability to remain consistent in his world view, but making assessments that with “high probability” we are meaningless and without purpose yet we randomly search for them (not very random if just about every human has a need for them)… sorry, but an impressive vocabulary is very different from having good things to say. lastly, tell me where im not listening…. in fact, i think i’m the only one who might. not only am i listening, i am challenging his theory. i invite this guy onto the apologetics show we host in on KKLA in Glendale,CA and we would all be glad to to listen. and engage. thats the very thing Christ did. He was gracious but He wasn’t passive. and i think you might be confusing the two… no offense intended, of course.

  6. dennis, you of all people, as someone who follows Jesus, should know that it’s ok to like the people who spit in your face. just imagine rushkoff in a roman soldier costume. ah, conventional wisdom is so overated.

  7. yeah, but i wouldn’t tell him “hey, nice work”. and as far as a roman soldiers are concerned, i don’t recall anyone in the Bible, including Jesus, telling them they had nice things to say. Wisdom appears to have been abandoned. touche!

  8. sorry, it appears i’ve been abrasive. without intention, that is. Personally, no i don’t see any nice things he has to say, so point them out. but my apologies… i’m sure he has nice things to say in regards to other topics. obviously, it appeared that you supporting what he said. i was only questioning why.. not interrogating. anyhow, again, cool site.

  9. you force me to go over my post with a fine tooth comb and spell it out for you in a more exact and less figurative manner. if you refer back to my original poast i stated that i simply enjoy some of the things that rushkoff has commented on in the past. his thoughts on the media and how media and advertising affects our culture is what he is best known for and rightly so. he does have a lot of NICE THINGS TO SAY about that subject matter, in my opinion. I did not say that his post on the edge.org was something that i agreed with and i mostly brought it up because his answer and the answers of others were simply INTERESTING. for that i don’t think i need anybody’s approval or permission. if YOU don’t like it, then simply say so. but don’t judge me for finding it interesting.

    your last post was so much more pleasant and less uptight. thanks for the light at the end of the tunnel.

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