Major props to Will Samson for starting a very cool project called Imagine. I love the idea of digging into scripture and fighting it out, listening to others and their ideas on how it could all fit together. I will be following along. This is a little bit of the Introduciton to the project. Will can explain it much better than i can:

I am deeply in love with scripture. This is a renewed vision for me. I trained in the Bible, but perhaps like a surgeon who grows weary of seeing bodies the story of God became mundane to me over the years. Recently this story has become very interesting to me once again. However, like many others with whom I am journeying I wonder if there are new and contextual ways to talk about what God is doing. I wanted to awaken my imagination to ways that we can talk about God’s story in 2005. That is the purpose of this blog.

Very cool. Count me in.


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