Happy New Year!


Please, don’t ask about the suit. It wasn’t my idea. Regardless, I wish you all the best.



15 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Dangit Zach, at the encouragement of a common friend I was going to come on here and make a joke about the suit—you beat me to it! Anyway, from the “it’s a make your own fun kind of town,” happy New Year to you man. Take care.

  2. wow, sorry about how big that pic was, didn’t even check it after i posted. i scaled it down to a bit more of a humble size. yes, the suit was memorable to say the least. if you gotta be cheesy, better to dive in head first, at least that’s what we figured.

  3. sorry guys, if i would have known so many of you (2) would want to borrow the suit, i would have stuffed in in a ziploc and sealed in the freshness. i’ll poke around to see if anyone grabbed the suit.

  4. wow. i second that borrowing request. i don’t know where i would wear it, but it’s too….something….to pass up. it’s either pimpedelic or horrifying.

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